Take Action on Stress Awareness Day – 1st November 2017


Get help for stress

Stress awareness day is highlighting its affect on the mind and body also its impact on our social welfare.

There are many different causes; ranging from work, home, loss, social, financial worries and emotional trauma to name but a few. Unfortunately, if left unresolved stress may lead to depression.

Having a little stress in your life can be productive but being in a continued state of stress is not good for the mind or body.  In a constant ‘fight or flight’ mode.


How does it affect us?
Symptoms can be wide ranging; anger and frustration, overthinking, insomnia, panic attacks, headaches/migraines, worry, digestive problems, reduced immunity, depression, high blood pressure and fatigue affecting not just our emotional but our physical well-being too.

A Labour Force Study in relation to stress, anxiety and depression showed:

• Those working in the public service industries such teaching, healthcare profession, business media workers and public service professionals suffered with higher levels of stress than compared to other professions.
• In 2015/16 11.7m days were lost as a result of this problem.
• 2015/16 accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all days lost at work.

So, first action on stress awareness day would be to start putting yourself first, second take time out to relax and unwind.

Third, consider a therapy that may help such as acupuncture which treats the person as whole, the mind and body.


About the Author:

Maria McManus
Maria is a qualified acupuncturist based in Essex with clinics in Chelmsford and Maldon. For over 14 years she has treated patients for a wide variety of problems and specialises in infertility, pregnancy and pre-birth acupuncture, as well as advising on acupressure during labour.

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