Hormone changes can play havoc with emotions for pregnant mums to be causing anxiety and stress in pregnancy; women find they are anxious and stressed worrying about the health of the baby, family, birth, job and/or money.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Acupuncture helps anxiety and stress in pregnant mums to be

Acupuncture can help with anxiety and stress in pregnancy

Anxiety symptoms

Unable to relax or feel as if your are on edge all the time
Unable to switch off from worrying thoughts
Find it hard to relax
Short tempered, irritable
Struggle with concentration

Physical symptoms

Excessive sweating
Pins and needles
Shortness of breath
Dry mouth
Stomach ache

I’ve attended post graduate training in acupuncture for pregnancy and post pregnancy.  In clinic I’ve seen many women pre-pregnancy, during and post pregnancy for a wide range of conditions including anxiety.

If you think your are suffering with anxiety or stress please do not hesitate to get in touch.