Lower back pain

Man with back pain

BackCare (formally National Back Pain Association) is the largest back pain charity in the UK. It provides information and education to organisations and people who are affected by back pain and funding into back pain research.

The charity has launched a phone app which provides a wealth of information for people to download.  Such as exercises and find local practitioners such as ourselves to help with pain.

Also Simplyhealth have launched a new App in association with Backcare and this App provides the following features:

  • Me and My Back which helps you to formulate an exercise plan based on your affected areas
  • Exercise Plan on for your back
  • Exercise Library
  • Preventative Care helpful measures to avoid and reduce developing back pain whether at home, work or in the car
  • Find a Practitioner – acupuncturists, osteopaths etc

Look out for Backcare Awareness Week 7-11 October 2013, this year they are focusing on Carers who can be susceptible to back pain due to the nature of the invaluable care they provide for family and friends.  Carers Scotland survey in 2011 found that 70% of carers experienced shoulder and back pain.

Backcare also launches a campaign 8-12 October 2013 highlight the high number of workers in the building industry who suffer back pain.  It is thought 50% of workers over 50 suffer persistent back pain and it costs the industry £1,000,000,000.


They give staggering statics – its costs the NHS £ 1.3million every day, £13million per day in disability benefits and its costs the UK Economy £37million every day.  In addition, the industry generates over 25,000 new back pain cases every year.

Finally, Backcare hopes to make a difference encouraging us and those in the industry to sign a petition to the government asking them to fund manual handling training for all construction workers.  Prevention will mean less pain and suffering and reduce costs to the government.  Most importantly, a win win situation that cannot be ignored.