Migraines and headaches

Don’t put up with Migraines or headaches

Some good news for sufferers, the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) carried out a review in 2015 of Migraines and Spasmodic Tension Headaches. This review concludes that acupuncture has a significant therapeutic effect on symptoms such as pain and frequency in migraine attacks. The BAcC found that acupuncture often helped over 80% of patients.

The advantage with traditional acupuncture is that each treatment it is individualised.  Our point prescriptions are formulated to each persons’ specific set of symptoms as we treat the person as a whole.  These prescriptions can change from one treatment to another. Unlike drug prescriptions where one tries to fit all.

In practise

I’ve mostly treated women with migraines and spasmodic tension headaches.  Statistically, in terms of numbers the incidence of attacks, women are 2.5 times higher then men. In my experience the main contributing factors have been either stress or the menstrual cycles.



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