Fertility Funding – Mid Essex NHS

Fertility funding in Mid Essex NHS delivers devastating news in relation to fertility funding.  I had hoped following the Mid Essex NHS public consultation on assisted conception. Fertility treatments would not be affected with regard to funding. Hoping at the very least two cycles would still be available on the NHS.
I’m deeply saddened to learn that last week, Mid Essex NHS decided to cut all funding from 25th September 2014.  Furthermore, Mid Essex NHS will only provide treatment in exceptional clinical circumstances.  

Fertility Clinic

Bourne Hall Clinic based in Essex released a statement stating “Couples who are already receiving fertility treatment from them will not be affected by these cuts.”
Mid Essex NHS have stated they will review the policy in September 2015.  However, since 2014 they have not changed their policy. Couples now have to explore other avenues to help with their fertility.  Many of those who have no choice will have to go private.

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