Rebecca Adlington – sports injuries

Rebecca Adlington supports Acupuncture Awareness Week is from 7th to 14th March 2016, a date for your dairy!  The British Acupuncture Council are focusing this year on sports injuries.  Staggeringly, 3 in 5 people admit to taking oral painkillers and nearly at third to using ice/heat packs.  Sadly very few are aware of acupuncture therapy for sports injuries.

Therefore, this year it is supported by Rebecca Adlington, our Olympic Gold medalist.  Rebecca has had treatments in the past for shoulder injury and highlights the positive use of acupuncture for sports injury and muscular skeletal conditions.  As well as supportive treatment for those in training.

It is thought that half of those who participate in sport suffer injury and one in three do not recover from their injury.  Injuries such as back pain, shoulder pain, golfers/tennis elbow, sprain and fractures to name but a few.

So, to learn more here’s a link below to the Acupuncture Awareness site.

Rebeccas’; interview supports AAW

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