Acupuncture Treatment Room

My Practice update

From the 1st June, I am now able to offer treatments to to patient’s with exceptional needs: not treating will lead to deterioration and possible hospitalisation. Also, patients with high levels of mental or physical distress: for relief from chronic conditions or continuity of treatment.

In July this will extend to include personal wellness.

As a member of the British Acupuncture Council, I am complying with Government guidelines in relation to COVID 19.


All patients are required to initially complete a consent form which enables me to check that it is safe to treat and patients are called prior to each treatment to check they are COVID free; as well as taking payment over the phone.

I wear PPE fluid resistant masks (IIR) and aprons in practise.  I meet patients outside the clinic and bring them into the lobby to wash hands then escorting to the treatment room.  After the treatment has finished the patient is escorted out of the clinic.

After each patient the room is cleaned down in preparation of a new patient, at 15 minute intervals.  The Clinic is deep cleaned several times a week.

I strongly recommend patients to wear a face mask and avoid bringing handbags etc.  Also, patients can bring a towel or blanket for modesty reasons.