Acupuncture Awareness Week 2013

British Acupuncture Awareness Week

Acupuncture Awareness Week 2013

Acupuncture Awareness Week 2013 is from 25th February to 3rd March, promoted by British Acupuncture Council.

This year they are focusing on insomnia.  It is thought that this affects one in three people in the UK.  While short episodes for some is not an issue. But for others suffering for maybe months or years can cause serious problems.

To celebrate I am offering 10% off initial consultations booked between the 25th February and 15th March 2013.


Therefore, if you are thinking of having acupuncture now is a good time to take advantage of this discount.

To book your consultation, call 07816 363313 or simply use the Contact Page.

Furthermore, you can find out more at the Acupuncture Awareness Week Website.