We are highlighting the benefits of acupuncture for stress.   The British Acupuncture Council conducted a study and found that over half of UK residents are more stressed than they were 10 years ago.  Many turn to junk food and alcohol in a bid to distress.  In the study they questioned 5,000 adults and found that a third admitted to comfort eating and a quarter to drinking alcohol when stressed.  Consequently 1-5 had put weight on.

Overall 70% were aware that long term stress has a negative impact on health. Nearly half said they just put up with it and two thirds felt that stress was unavoidable in their lives.  Some of the top reasons were not enough time 41%, wanting to have it all 25% and difficulty in switching off from work 24%.  Any wonder why us Brits are burnt out.


The symptoms of stress can be wide ranging; anger and frustration, overthinking, insomnia, panic attacks, headaches/migraines, worry, digestive problems, reduced immunity, depression, high blood pressure, comfort eating, alcohol abuse and fatigue.  Stress not only affects just our emotional but our physical well-being too.

Acupuncture is an evidence based therapy and can bring about positive steps in reducing the symptoms.  So why not give it a try.

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